Why skinny jeans and coffee?

Because "doing laundry and drinking Diet Coke" didn't quite cut it. I'm a big coffee lover. Huge. And I wear skinny jeans quite a lot. Not particularly inspired I know but I like it! 

what content do you enjoy creating? 

I love writing them all, or I simply wouldn't do it - this girl won't be creating content anytime soon about things I don't enjoy or believe in. My favourites to date, as soppy as it may seem, have been the tear jerkers. The posts about illness, infertility, the loss of someone close - they have been the ones that I sometimes struggle to write through tears but feel massively proud of and have had the most amazing feedback on. Oh and I LOVE throwing in the odd 80's reference here and there. Hashtag old lady. 

what came before the blog?  

I have had a fairly varied career path, working in travel and tourism for a very long time, which completely fed my addiction to having as many holidays as I can possibly manage and allowed me to travel to some amazing places through work. I then moved into marketing, then opened a bridal shop with my lovely friend Jo, (which largely involved swishing around in wedding dresses as much as we could get away with) and then took a rather long (but totally worth it) career break to have my son. I have always written and definitely always had the many random rambling thoughts so it's fabulous being able to put pen to paper, or fingers to keypad and share it at last. 


how did it all start?

In Spring 2017 I finally took the plunge and decided to take my long term hobby of writing and attempt to transform it into a weekly blog. Since then, I have had some incredibly nice comments and feedback, have a lovely bunch of followers who comment on my ramblings and seem to enjoy it and have been lucky enough to work in partnership with some fab companies who I have written for. Turning my passion into a career excites and astounds me beyond belief, I love what I do!


how much can one person really love coffee?

Believe it or not, up until a couple of years ago I'd never even tried an Espresso. Shocking I know. I like to think I now make up for this on a daily basis and strongly feel I would be a good ambassador for the love of caffeine. And, lets face it, we all know how much us 40 something year old Mums rely on it. Speaking of which.... *pours another* 


what's next? 

Although this blog is very much a hobby, I'm loving seeing where it can take me and find the whole experience endlessly fascinating. My ultimate goal would be to become a published writer but I just need that book to get out of my head and on to paper first..........