And the nominees are......

......I feel I need a great big gold envelope and a posh frock to say that, but in the absence of those I'll go with the current situ of laptop and dressing gown. Anyway, last week I received a nomination for the Liebster award from Kloe of Kloe's Lil Corner and I have to be honest, my initial reaction went along the lines of "What the heck is the Liebster award??" Obviously I turned to trusty ole Google and discovered that it's an award for bloggers chosen by bloggers to discover new talent and share the blogging love basically, what's not to love? Now as someone who's only nominations in life tend to consist of invitations to Candy Crush I was massively flattered and ridiculously excited at the prospect of getting my ramblings out to hopefully a new bunch of people. (if you're reading this for the first time well hello! Get comfy, pour yourself an obligatory coffee and enjoy!) And, as part of the nomination, I have been given 11 questions to answer by Kloe, so here goes!


1.    Favourite Youtuber ? 

I have to admit, I was massively late to the YouTube party and have only just within the past year or so started following and watching Vlogs. I can for instance happily waste hours watching people show me the contents of their handbags and showing me their latest shopping and stationery hauls but I have to say my favourite is Brummy Mummy of 2. Her sense of humour is as daft as my own, her honesty in being a Mum is hilarious and she loves gin. Again, what's not to love?! 2.    If you could own any animal which would it be and why ?

An Alpaca please. Ideally, in my twisted crazy dreams, I would like a massive garden and fill it with the fluffy, bonkers looking little guys. 3.    One thing you can’t blog / live without ?

Ooh tricky one! I can't blog without the crazy workings of my head and as for something I can't live without, it would have to be coffee.


4.    Favourite Hot Drink ?

See above! To say I would be lost without my Nespresso machine is a massive understatement. I love it that much, I even took it on holiday with me. Not even joking. 5.    If you could be president ( Prime minister ) for a day what would you do and why ?

Put coffee on prescription and throw in a few more bank holidays. 6.    If you could choose one person to read /see your blog who would it be and why ?

My absolute favourite blogger, the brilliant Hannah Gale. I started reading her blogs early last year and instantly fell in love with her writing style, honesty and completely fabulous fashion choices. (So much so she costs me a LOT of money on ASOS. Thanks for that). Put simply, she's the one that made me read a blog, inspire me, think "I want to do this" and, along with a few close friends who basically talked me into it, helped me realise it. It would totally blow my mind to have someone whose blogs I love to read, read mine. 7.    Has blogging made you deal with any difficult situations ?

I wouldn't say difficult situations as such but it has given me so much more confidence to believe in myself a little bit more. I never for a second thought I would ever be brave enough to put my ramblings out there but a few months in, having people tell me how much they like reading them means more than they know. 8.    Do you feel pressure to keep up your blogging schedule ?

When I started life in this crazy blogging world, I'd post pretty much whenever I thought of something to post about, a schedule was the last thing on my mind. I'd like to say I'm a little more organised these days and I guess because I genuinely love doing it, it's definitely very low pressure! 9.    If you could make any book into a film which would it be and why ?

My little boys favourite book - "Kicking a Ball" by Allan Ahlberg. Clue is in the title to be fair, an utterly brilliant tale of loving football and the joy of "kicking a ball" totally made me, as a non football fan in a family full of them finally "get it." I think it would be a brilliant film and I can recommend a fabulous six year old for the lead role! 10.    Favourite thing to do when you're not blogging ?

Impossible to choose one and I won't say drinking coffee. If I had to pick one favourite it would definitely have to be being snuggled under the blanket on the sofa with my little family, (son, hubby and dog) watching something daft on TV. Simple pleasures eh.... 11.    If you could do any adrenaline activity which would it be and why  ?

Now, anyone who knows me well know that I'm not exactly an adrenaline junkie. That's putting it mildly to be fair, my idea of hell would be anything water related or high up in the air for instance. Weirdly, and I can only stem this back to my childhood days watching Long Distance Clara on Pigeon Street I have always wanted to drive a great big truck round a racetrack. Does that count?? Hmmm.... probably not.



So now I've been nominated, which blogs am I reading and loving at the moment?



And the questions I'd like to throw out there next would be -

1. Who or what made you decide to blog? 

2. Coffee or Tea?? (there had to be a coffee related one...) 

3. Dream dinner party attendee

4. What blog subject you would like to write about but have either put off or not found the words for yet?

5. What would be your must have holiday essential?

6. Favourite chocolate bar? 

7. Do you have a favourite place or setting to write your blogs? 

8. If you could do one thing differently in life, what would it be and why?

9. What would be your secret ambition?

10. You have one outfit choice for the next year. What would it be? 

and finally....

11. How do you combat writers block? 



So yes, a little different blog post this week, loved having something new thrown in my direction! Info for the Liebster award can be found here, looking forward to reading the next wave!