Skinny Ramblings on...... Peony and Mint


I'm just going to put it out there - I love an accessory. A scarf, jewellery, handbags, (God especially a handbag.....) you name it, I pretty much want it and of course, need it in my life. So when my good friend Jo created her amazing business Peony and Mint showcasing all things us accessory addicts adore, I was right up there in the queue to see what goodies she had on offer. And boy, are there goodies! Literally everything that makes me drool. Bags of all sizes, shapes, colours and fabrics. Ponchos, scarves, knitwear all in beautiful shades and the softest materials. Jewellery to cover all occasions from coffee with the girls, a night on the town to a wedding or day at the races. Beautiful gifts too, for adults and kids - Jo has saved my bacon on more than one occasion when I'm stuck for a last minute gift!

Last week she invited me and whole host of others to an accessory evening at the utterly fabulous Max's Coffee Shop in Sutton Coldfield to showcase her collection of beautiful things and some lovely new stock that's just arrived. Now call me old fashioned but a night of catching up with friends, having a nice glass of fizz (Oh yes, not just a coffee shop, can you see why I love this place??) and the chance to spend my hard earned cash on some pretty things? I'm in!!


Prosecco in hand, it's time to have a look round and the tricky part is deciding where to begin! I start with my absolute favourite - bags. Anyone who knows me knows full well I don't exactly need any new bags but I'm no quitter - there is always room in the cupboard of handbag dreams for another addition. A couple of months ago I bought this bag from Jo and it's honestly the bag I have used most all summer, it fits a ridiculous amount of stuff in and you can wear it with or without the strap so works brilliantly for day or evening. It also comes in just about every colour you can think of, I was tempted by rose gold, metallic grey and navy (to name a few!) but eventually chose berry which seems to be everywhere in the shops this autumn and a colour I am absolutely loving.


Next up, scarves. I, like most Mums on the school run, love to rock a scarf and may or may not have a "few" in my wardrobe. (Hmm, there seems to be a theme here...) But, lets face it, like bags, there's always room for one more. The pom pom scarves have been really popular for Jo and having one in summer colours already it goes without saying I just had to snap up an autumn one.

Another thing Peony and Mint is utterly fantastic for is gifts - and this was my ideal opportunity to start the dreaded Christmas shopping. There are so many choices, from gloves, socks, make up bags, compact mirrors and has options for every budget so it makes it a lot easier to pick up a few bits you know people are going to love. I managed to pick up some gorgeous gifts that will be kept hidden away until the big day, no peeking now!


The jewellery is absolutely stunning, there's a huge range of really unusual pieces and whether you are after earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, pendants, you can definitely find something to cover everything from statement pieces (I'm a proud owner of this beauty which always gets loads of comments, I've had complete strangers asking me where I got it from!) to traditional, vintage and even multi tasking pieces (a bracelet that unwraps to turn into a choker anyone?)

These evenings are such a brilliant way to hunt down some really individual pieces at great prices, not to mention a perfect excuse for a catch up with friends over a glass of something nice! You can even host your own party, with some amazing discounts for the host. Anyone else further afield can simply order online at Peony and Mint  this even includes worldwide delivery!

Happy shopping! x


Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post but all love of sparkly things and handbags are, as ever, my own!