Let's just stop faffing about shall we.....

It feels as though all I have been doing in any spare time I had since about May is party planning. (I had a little bash for a birthday I had with a zero on the end of it recently, I know, I've barely mentioned it.....) This party took up a ridiculous amount of my time and although I kinda enjoyed planning it all, I never ever want to go into event planning. Like ever. This thing took over my life a bit, I created a monster but boy, it was a great monster. From caterers, calculating how much drink we needed (turns out my friends are basically alcoholics..) to portaloos and the frock of dreams, this thing took time but do you know what? It was awesome. After the mammoth clean up exercise yesterday which involved just the four trips to the bottle bank, an obscene amount of binbags and almost a full can of Febreze sprayed liberally around the place, I woke up this morning sort of feeling like it was New Years Day all over again. That new term feeling, the kind where you want to sharpen a pencil and start a new leaf both in that shiny new notepad you have and in life. It would seem friends of mine have been following me in my crazy pipe dream of blogging and have given me enough stationery to see these little ramblings of mine perhaps move on a little and come to life. As one friends' card beautifully stated -  "Forty is about having fun, feeling fabulous and believing in yourself and your dreams...." Added in big letters underneath were the words "Write the book!!"

Last weeks post was centred around my bucket list, a list that began life as a couple of things I'd quite like to do and quickly turned into a very real list of forty things I fully intend to accomplish. "Write the book" was straight in at number 6, not that this list was in any particular order, falling two underneath "climb something high". I know. Blog content at its finest.

I digress. Starting today as a new fresh week made me think "well let's just crack on shall we?" After starting this little blog in April this year, it turns out that a few of you quite like the inane inner workings of a coffee infused mind and my God, that makes me pretty damn happy. I can't promise great literature, I can't promise you high brow but I can say I'm trying my hardest and I am loving creating content that you can sit and read on your coffee break that might just raise a smile and you might just tell your mates about. And somewhere in amongst that lies "The Book" Maybe.

So I'm embracing this "new year", sharpening my new pencils, turning over a leaf in those beautiful new notepads and giving this a bash. You lucky people will get a weekly supply of ramblings and updates along the way of any other possibly out of reach ambitions or crazy ideas that spring to my mind. These often appear, usually in the dead of night, around 4am when I can't sleep and genuinely think that holding a play date for my son and 14 friends at home on a Monday night when I've hosted 120 people two nights previously is a good idea. Told you my mind was twisted.

If you've stuck with me for this long, or perhaps this is the first time you've found me, stick with it and lets see what on earth I can come up with next. In fact, if there are any ramblings that you would like to see my take on, why not let me know?


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