It's not Christmas, it's November.....

At the risk of sounding like an intolerant grumpy old woman (don't...) is it me or does it seem as though the second the Halloween masks are thrown in the bargain bin and the pumpkins are starting to rot outside the front door, (seriously, they stink) then out come the advent calendars, the gift idea catalogues and (this is the worst bit) the CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Now, honestly, I'm not a scrooge but two words people.


Don't get me wrong, I do like Christmas and I'm not a total Grinch. Honest. I just have some small issues with walking into a shop at the beginning of November and hearing Christmas music. On the flip side, I admit, I have sort of started my Christmas shopping and also have somehow managed to do my yearly tradition of buying a few Christmas bits only to find that I already have some of these items stashed in the garage from last year and I now have two lots of Christmas cards and gift labels because instead of being organised, I've done that thing of "putting them in a safe place" and then forgetting all about it. I do this every year. Without fail. And never learn.

This is also the time of year I start getting Christmas cake stress-guilt. Anyone else with me on this? In past years I have been super stupidly organised and made my Christmas cake at the end of October, ready for it to be packed away and fed a little tipple of brandy every week until it's unleashed in Christmas week ready to be devoured at any given opportunity. This year, with one thing or another, I haven't got round to the cake as yet and the ingredient bag (yes, I got that far, go me...) full of almonds and mixed fruit are sitting next to that Bake Off Showstoppers recipe book, with Mary Berry's eyes judging my lazy cake-dodging soul every time I walk into the kitchen.

And then I realise just why there are baubles and tinsel everywhere already and the incessant Christmas music (can you tell just how much I dislike Christmas music yet??) has begun. It's for people exactly like me, who think they're organised and they're getting this Christmas stuff nailed but in reality are just faffing about, getting nowhere and start to wonder if they'll end up like those mad folk on Christmas Eve running around like turkeys trying to escape Bernard. (Too much? Sorry....)

The thought of leaving it all until Christmas Eve genuinely makes me break out in a cold sweat, I can't handle it. Christmas Eve, as far as I'm concerned, is for baking cookies, eating cookies and then heading off to the pub for the afternoon before tracking Father Christmas and using said tracker to engineer a nice early bedtime for the small boy so Mummy can have a G&T and get into the festive erm, spirit and Daddy can have a glass of whatever Father Christmas requested. Funny that.

So this week I have formulated my plan. I'm going to channel my inner Mary Berry and get those darned cakes sorted. I'm going to sort out the duplicate Christmas stuff stashed around the place and try and arrange it in some order that makes me look as though I am absolutely smashing this Christmas prep. I'm going to source some fabulous advent calendars (I hear there are gin ones.....) and write some lists to make myself truly believe I Have Got This.

But sssshhhhh, keep it quiet, it is only November after all........... x