Skinny Ramblings on..... 2017

It's the start of a brand new year, Auld Lang Syne has been sang as per usual with no one knowing the words past the first line and we are well and truly staring 2018 in the face with new plans, shiny new stationery (thank you Father Christmas) and steely determination. Come at me 2018! 2017 for me, was a different year to others. It brought devastating news. Two friends of mine were told they had cancer. It shook us, beat us all up, but forced us all to get on with it and attempt to make them smile again. Thank God, now they are both back to their beautiful bonkers selves and in total recovery. Health wise I too have ended the year recovering slowly from a variety of fun things - broken teeth and a fractured coccyx to name just two. Seems this girl can't just sprain an ankle and be done with it. (That was 2015.)

But good news came too, we've been asked to be Godparents for instance, and, despite me feeling I am definitely not grown up enough for this, they seem to think we'd do a grand job and my God, we'll try. I will be the best embarrassing Godmother there has ever been! I've had a whole lot of fun with old friends, had some amazing days, nights, weekends with them (some of which I can even remember) and been lucky to meet new friends who I hope will be friends for a long time to come. They seem as daft as me so lets see....

I've even managed to tick off a few things from my things-to-do-after-I'm-40 list which, considering I'm only three months into my 40th year I think is pretty good going. For instance, I have kept another two plants alive, (I'm keeping quiet about killing yet another poinsettia as I just think they hate me and are probably only built to last a week in my house before making a great big show of dropping all its leaves dramatically on the table and withering. Bloody drama queen.) I've built a snowman, tried new food and lifted 80kg. Technically, I have ticked more off, but that's got nothing to do with the fact I wiped a few off the list (swimming with dolphins and swimming full stop I'm looking at you), and will have to postpone a couple for another year (lets face it no one is going to get a degree within the next nine months, we'll just class that one as one to come back to.)

For anyone who remembers the post about making my Mother homeless I am pleased to say she eventually moved in to her lovely new home. Turns out this buying a house lark isn't very quick - who knew?? I do miss her as I have to do my own ironing now....

I've even entered a few writing competitions - admittedly none of which I have actually been successful in but hey, there's always time, it's a marathon not a sprint etc etc. I took the gamble, gave it a go and at some point I will get my words in print. (One day Gadget....... hey, it's not a Skinny Jeans and Coffee blog post without a cheesy Eighties reference right??)

Speaking of which, and I know I may have mentioned it a few times, THE BOOK. (I have to put it in capitals as whenever I say it I have to do it in a gruff movie voice with an accompanying "dum dum dummmmmmmm") I would love to say I'm in the final stages but in reality? Totally not. But, I have plans, they're on paper at least, I hope this year will be the one where it's coaxed out once and for all.

At the risk of this blog sounding like one of those round-robin letters your Mum used to get in the Christmas cards each year, 2017 was "ok". It had its ups and downs but brought something new for me - this. 2017 marked the first (in hopefully a fair few) years of this little blog. This time last year I would read my favourite blogs and think "I would love to do that" but never actually have the courage or conviction to start. It's now attracting interest from even more people thanks to you lovely people sharing and spreading the word and the feedback I have had has been insane to say the least. Turns out you all seem to like the ramblings of my coffee infused mind and I have to say I absolutely love doing it, I'm hoping this year brings new opportunities, new challenges and being able to come up with the sort of ramblings that you will all want to read! I can't promise great things but I can promise there'll be more coffee involved. And that can never be a bad thing.

Happy 2018 folks! x