Things that make you go "Ooooooohhh!"


So this week I'm taking heavy inspiration from the blog posts I love to read - "Stuff That Other People Love". Generally, it's titled a touch better than that and can include all sorts of things but you get the gist. "Monthly Favourites", "Winter Favourites" - call it what you will. I decided to just go with the things in my life at the moment that make me go "Oooooohh!" These are products that I use on an almost daily basis at the moment, completely love and feel I need to tell the world about. And I hope you're sitting down, there are no coffee related items in here - I know, what the???

Clockwise from bottom left -

  1. Options hot chocolate. Not just hot chocolate but MINT hot chocolate. Mint choc chip is one of my favourite things ever so when I found it comes in hot chocolate form it was a total no brainer. AND it's 38 calories a mug. (Unless you have massive mugs I guess. Fnar.)
  2. Clarins Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate. I've loved this for years and was extremely happy to receive a bottle of this for my birthday last year, which got me back into it all over again. It lasts for ages and makes your bathroom smell like an actual spa. (This comes in very handy when you can sniff a mile off if anyone else in the family has pinched it. I'm looking at you husband.....)
  3. Penguin Clothbound Classics - Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. I saw these clothbound books in Waterstones a little while ago and, well.... let's just take a moment to appreciate how pretty they are?! I decided as a New Years Resolution this year I would treat myself to a book each month and read it rather than letting it just look pretty on the shelf. (although let's face it, it will do this too, these are veritable multi-taskers) So far so good, I'm loving curling up in bed each night and rediscovering the old classics.
  4. Earl of East Scented Soy Candle in Elementary. I discovered this fab brand last summer when I went to one of their candle making workshops where you spend ninety fabulous minutes sipping prosecco and being taken through the candle making process before making your very own creation. (I can highly recommend it!) This candle is a mix of tobacco leaf, amber and leather and just smells incredible, possibly my favourite candle of all time, bold claims here!
  5. Cosy socks from Primark. Or anywhere really. I have quite the collection of cosy socks because cold feet, winter and an addiction really to buying the things. These caught my eye because they have Snoopy on and are fluffy. I am so basic.
  6. Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator Cream. I've recently rediscovered Clinique products and absolutely love them. I use this each night and really rate this little pot of wonder. It hasn't turned me into a supermodel just yet though so I may have to contact their customer services about that one......
  7. Jo Malone Tuberose Angelica Cologne. I had this for Christmas 2016 and this stuff is still going strong! It's my favourite Jo Malone scent, very closely followed by  Pomegranate Noir and Peony and Blush Suede. Her scents are just gorgeous and the packaging of this makes the messiest of dressing tables look kinda pretty. Trust me on that one.
  8. Dr. PAWPAW Original Clear Balm. I discovered this as a free sample in a monthly beauty box last year and as a total lip balm freak I was hooked. It can apparently be used as a nappy cream, on sunburn and skin irritations and loads more but for me, this is my go to lip balm. And I don't lose it in the bottom of my bag because it's bright yellow. So yeah, that.
  9. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Theory is it smells of lavender, you put it on your pillow and you get a good nights sleep. In my house? It smells of lavender, I put it on my pillow and I never really sleep but that's more to do with a six year old who won't sleep in his own bed and a four legged boss who also likes to steal my bed. But, this stuff smells amazing and is definitely relaxing when you're trying to nod off in between being kicked by small beings.

So there you have it! These, for this month at least are my current favourites, they change dependent on mood, seasons, not to mention whatever I'm excited to have found from recent shopping outings, I'm sure there'll be more skinny ramblings on favourites to come!