January roundup....

It is finally the end of what seems like the longest month ever. The nights almost feel as though they're getting a little bit brighter, (just me??) the people on Dry January are becoming a little more excitable and the resolutions made in good faith at the beginning of the month are surely long gone. Or are they? I wouldn't say I exactly made many resolutions. This year was more about the "aggh, let's just wing it." For a change. I just decided I would be more productive, try and get this little blog a bit more off the ground and see what happened. Positive winging it perhaps?

But they do also say when you feel positive about something, wonderful things happen.

And weirdly, perhaps with a mixture of winging it, a dash of positivity and a whole heap of "I will bloody do this" things are starting to happen.

Regular readers and friends of mine know full well that I love nothing more than a good list and there have been a few made since the beginning of 2018. To me, lists just "help" and being more organised with my week, planning ahead and ticking items off said lists make me far happier and a far nicer version of myself.  This little book that I received at Christmas has been in place each week - this weeks in particular was an interesting one - "list things that get you out of your head."  Pretty sure it's meant in the escapism / curbing anxiety kinda way, not in the "a bottle of gin and a pizza" sense though.

I digress. So the lists have been drawn up and one in particular focused on what exactly I intend to do with this blog. I started this in April 2017 very much as an extension of my hobby, jotting things down and ranting about various often ridiculous topics. Some friends encouraged me to get them out there in the real world and see what happened and it turned out people seem to like it. Since then I've become a regular contributor to Families Online Blog, I have started working with a charity in a blogging capacity and I have also been chosen as a brand ambassador for a holiday park in the UK (more on that to come!) All in all, a lot more than I had ever planned for in my first tentative year of putting pen to paper or fat fingers on a keyboard. Over the next twelve months I would love to fulfil my dream of having my work published in print form and would love to work with more brands and companies, though I hear bloggers are off the guest list for a particular hotel in Ireland just now.......

I have also started a diploma in copywriting, which has established my new found status as a student. So far I'm loving not only the challenges in writing in a slightly different style and learning a few new tricks but the 25% discount my new NUS card gives me at Prezzo is pretty sweet too. I'm hoping that by the end of 2018 I'll have a shiny diploma in my hand and the chance to create new work and write in different areas.

I don't think there are many people who don't have "get fit" on their to do list for the New Year and yes, I was one of them. I used to "do" the gym a few times a week, got steadily more and more bored, took myself off for a run occasionally and told myself I enjoyed it. Then I discovered weight training and, as a 5ft nothing bird, yes, it's as mad as it sounds. I am now a total weights bore who really, seriously loves attempting to lift stupidly heavy things. 80kg squat anyone? Ouch. So more of that 2018 please, let's get the personal bests set and do this. (I will not be entertaining the idea of competitions where you have to cover yourself in creosote and look abnormal in a bikini. I can do that on my own with an M&S two piece and some St. Tropez thanks.)

Ah yes, and we have the ever present item on the to do list - THE BOOK. I have a plan for this and I swear by the end of 2018 it will finally be out of my head and on to paper or screen at last. (A bold statement there.) This month I have popped a few ideas down, bought it a new notepad and pen (this is when the s*** gets real for me - if you have an idea and buy it some stationery then it's real and has more chance of happening. Good logic I think!)

So all in all, I'd say my combination of a few resolutions and a nice helping of winging it are ticking along quite nicely. Let's see what February brings?