40 things after 40 update......

Last year, I posted a long rambling post here lamenting the position I had no other option to be in - turning 40. I decided to compile a "40 things to do after I'm 40 because I didn't get round to doing them yet" list and wrote down all the things I'd either like to do, have had in my head to do for seemingly ages or thought would be a marvellous idea to do. Spoiler - some of them really weren't. Five months on, a small accident later which rendered me useless in getting pretty much anything done for a few months, real life getting in the way and time passing in the way it does, I thought I should do a little update on how things are going with this grand list. I am, after all, almost half way through my 40th year so if I don't get a wriggle on I'm going to have to think of 41 things to do for this year's birthday and, let's face it, I and possibly anyone reading this don't want to have to do that.

So here we go. Let's see how this has gone so far......

  1. Stop caring about my age. Well, they do say with age comes wisdom and as much as I'd like to put it down to that, I have certainly stopped caring quite so much. I was ID'd the other day too so that always helps. Mission completed!
  2. Run 10k. Nope. I haven't even done another 5k so this is looking highly doubtful. However, I have discovered a new love of lifting weights and finding that this is far more exciting, takes less time and doesn't require me to look a sweaty mess in front of a load of dog walkers or anyone who drives past me trying to run. Mission absolutely not completed and would like it to be struck from the list pretty please.
  3. Lift some heavy weights. Tick, tick and tick. 100kg squat thank you very much, aiming for 120kg by the end of the year. Mission definitely completed.
  4. Climb something high. This is definitely still on the list. I think this needs to happen when the weather is better, so definitely not dismissing this one. Mission shall be completed at some point!
  5. Read / re-read the classics. Reading in general has been pretty high on my priorities in the past few months and so far, partly due to having a nice little weeks holiday I am a good 12-15 books in since the start of the year. I'm aiming to start a nice little collection of Penguin clothbound classics to help complete this challenge and because just look how beautiful they are?? Mission ongoing but completed pretty well.
  6. Write. The. Book. Er, nope. Still not. Perhaps this one needs to go on the "things to do before I die list" instead. Not completed in the slightest. One day Gadget....
  7. Try a new drink or food previously unknown. I tried Rum in Barbados, that has to count? Food wise, I'm not sure I have. Unless you count trying pretty much every type of soup on the market when I couldn't eat after my accident? Mission half completed.
  8. Crochet a blanket. This one can go into the "things I'll do before I die" list too, I definitely need more than a year to get this done. Didn't think this list through did I. Mission not completed.
  9. Watch more bands / live music. Shamefully, no actual gigs seen in the last six months. Must. Do. Better. (Runs off to look on Ticketmaster to gain inspiration...)
  10. Dig out my Nan’s cookbook and cook something from it. I'd actually forgotten all about this one, this can easily be completed. Mission will be completed, although when flicking through the pages just now I think I'll go for something along the lines of hot cross buns, not sheeps head broth.
  11. Learn to swim properly. I swam from my sunbed to the pool bar on holiday, does that count? No? Ok. Mission not completed.
  12. Learn how to say something more than “Can I have a beer please?” in a foreign language. Like “Can I have a Prosecco please?” Ahhh, that will be "Mohu mit prosecco prosim?" in Czech. Impressed? (I totally did not just use Google translate. Ok, you got me.) Mission completed!
  13. Dance. Really dance. I can throw some good shapes (Ugh, I actually just used that phrase. Apologies.) but it's not Strictly. Still need to work on this one. And find a partner. And a teacher. Mission absolutely not completed.
  14. Perfect a party trick. Seriously, what was I thinking when I compiled this list?? Nope.
  15. Go to a really cool music festival. Ah, I feel I have been given an extension of time on this one seeing as Glastonbury isn't on this year. 2019 Glasto, I'm coming for you.
  16. Say “yes” more. Yes! See? In all honestly, I think possibly I have been, but am also more proud of my larger use of "no" in certain situations. Mission completed.
  17. Embrace my own company. I would say this has been completed as I'm working a lot more on my own and actually loving it. I haven't quite decided to pop off to the cinema alone just yet but largely because I haven't time. The working part though? Nailing it. Completed.
  18. Be able to grow something plant or vegetable-like without condemning it to an early death. Aha! Well, this girl here has actually been googling greenhouses, I absolutely will grow something this year. Mission shall be completed!
  19. Build a snowman. Wow, October me didn't predict the crazy amount of snow we've had in the UK over the last few months. This one is definitely complete!
  20. Drive a truck. A massive one. This is still totally on the list but God knows when I'll get the chance. Anyone want to lend me a massive truck?? Anyone??
  21. Learn how to do the splits. Nope. Next!
  22. Learn how to put air in my tyres or be able to perform any other car maintenance task other than just sticking some petrol in my car. I put screen wash in the other week, that has to count surely??
  23. Go to the Edinburgh Festival. Absolutely still on the list. This will happen one day.
  24. See the Northern Lights. My friend also has this on her list and is planning to do it for her 50th next year, so if I could just wangle an invite it shall be complete!
  25. Swim with dolphins. See number 11. Got to nail that first. Doubtful.
  26. Go Zorbing. More of a summer activity so going to let myself off for not getting round to this one just yet. Possibly might happen, realistically probably not.
  27. Go on the Orient Express. I saw the film and loved it, does that count? Hmm, still very much on the list but might need a re mortgage or a lottery win. This goes on the "would very much like to complete this task but likelihood is slim to none list."
  28. Write my will. This is a biggie and one that still needs to be done. Not completed. Shame on me.
  29. Get my degree. Not a degree, but I have started a diploma which I'm hoping to complete this year so I'd say halfway there? Ish?
  30. Quit the paranoia. This is too big to ever be on a list in the first place! What was I thinking? Strike it off the list, this needs to go on the "ongoing" list!
  31. Celebrate with a big cake / glass of prosecco / great big coffee / new skinny jeans when I hit 40 blog posts. Head in my hands, I missed this one. My target has always been hit the 50 and I totally forgot about this! This is number 46 so yay me, here's to 50! Completed!
  32. Get a crazy amount of likes on a blog post. Go “viral” maybe! Turn this crazy hobby into something more. Things have definitely got bigger in the past few months, I have some very exciting projects going on and it's all good! But a viral one would still be a dream. Keep on keeping on......
  33. Set up a monthly donation to charity. Yes! And something that everyone should do if they are able. After a horrid year last year of my very good friend being diagnosed with breast cancer, I now donate monthly to Cancer Research UK. Mission completed.
  34. Adopt an animal. I'd still like to do this. An Alpaca preferably. Not completed sadly.
  35. Sing. This is more "I wish I could sing" rather than "I should sing more." No one needs to hear the current output. Mission not completed for the good of everyone around me.
  36. Learn how not to be a total technophobe. Hmm, still working on this one. I am really good at switching it off and on again and it kinda works?? Completed a bit?
  37. Learn how to play the piano. Again, what was I thinking?? Nope!
  38. Wear the dress / top / jewellery that you keep for “best”. Hell yeah. Life is just too short. I may draw the line at ballgowns on the school run but yes. Mission absolutely completed.
  39. Make jam. Perhaps when I've grown something lovely (see number 18) I can turn it into jam?? Mission not completed.
  40. Live the cliches. The really cheesy ones. Live Love Laugh? Dance in the rain like no-one is watching because you just need to keep calm and carry on? Why not? I live, love and laugh my socks off whenever I can. I haven't been dancing in the rain but I stomped in the snow laughing like a fool with friends recently and I would say that is mission complete.

So halfway through my 40th year and I have completed, or semi completed a paltry fifteen of forty tasks and struck off completely seven of them! Admittedly some of these absolutely will not happen, some I'm not sure what I was thinking when I dreamt them up and some were just ridiculous but, hey, some of the ones I have completed have made me a little more positive and a little less "but what if I fall?"

Now, to find that sheeps head and get cooking......