Happy birthday Skinny Jeans and Coffee!

You know how they say time flies when you're having fun? Well, somehow this week marks not only one whole year since I tentatively clicked that publish button for the first time but also, this very one that you are reading right now marks my 50th post. I'm quite excited about this. Because when I started this, when friends of mine finally persuaded me to give it a go, I'm not going to lie, I was nervous as hell. Nervous of clicking that button. Nervous of putting any of my random thoughts out there into the big wide blogging world and nervous of what people might think. Would they like it? Would they hate it? Would they judge me as someone who is trying to jump on the blogging bandwagon and maybe just isn't very good at it at all?

Turned out people did like it. And, if you are reading this now as someone who was there for the first few, have read some of the others, or maybe even all of them, or this is your very first foray into my ramblings, then thank you, it means a ridiculous amount to me. It means that when I decided to give this thing a go, people did take five minutes out of their day and have a read, they understood where I was coming from, had a little LOL that we all know doesn't involve actual laughter but a wry smile to show you "got it", you enjoyed what I had to say. And, like Tequila, it makes me happy. (I actually hate Tequila but I am unable to say or type the word without singing the song. Just me??)

This is turning into one of those cheesy Oscar acceptance speeches so I'll move on. I wanted to mark this little anniversary with something a bit different. Not a usual rambling but to say something about who I am, why I even do this. It's not a job for everyone, hell, I even got laughed at the other week when I told a friend of a friend what I do. WHICH WAS NICE. But, I thought I'd use this post as a chance to say hi properly. I had no need to do this at all to start with as literally every one of my followers were my family and friends who I'd plead with to just click that like button. But, over the last few months I've realised there are a lot more of you out there who have little to no idea who I am.

So time for some introductions. Part of me totally wants to wing this and pretend I'm some ghost writer like JR Hartley or something but let's be serious for once. (Ooh, does that count as my tenuous old school link for this week??) So, I'm Catherine, I'm 40, (no surprises there as I may possibly have banged on about that in a couple of posts) I like coffee, (how much of a crap blog name would this be if I drank tea and wore flares..)  I am a sucker for a fresh bunch of flowers, I love a sunny day with a chilled glass of something fabulous, I like the smell of my dogs paws, I love the feeling of when my son tells me he loves me, I love to laugh at inappropriate things and I've been "writing" in various ways pretty much most of my life. From driving my primary school teacher Mrs Edwards crazy with my weekly instalments of my versions of Hansel and Gretel (seriously, I don't even know how I dragged that out for longer than the basics of a witch, a gingerbread house and a ton of confectionery.... ironic for a diabetic eh?) to writing my first sort of "blogs" on anything from how much I adored Phillip Schofield (same now tbf) to my childhood holidays in Devon. (Only one county difference now with my love of Cornwall so not much has changed there either.)

Once I'd got high school out of the way, I had various jobs which included dressing as a cartoon dog for a holiday company, selling ice creams next to a lake full of Rhinoceroses, to selling holidays and going on lots of them, selling bridal gowns and trying on lots of them and also a short time in web marketing which taught me a fair bit about the type of thing I do now.

After the rascal made his appearance in 2011 I knew I wanted to get back into doing something but could never decide what. It took me a full six years, doing a house up (not to mention spending a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest doing so) and racking my brains until I reached a pivotal point.

Do. What. You. Love. Doing.

So I did. I wrote. A weekly blog, brand ambassador for a holiday company, a gym wear brand, doing sponsored posts and content for other brands and having none of those "I bloody hate this job, how do I make my escape" emotions that I've had so many times over the years.

Yes, I get people saying to me "What the hell do you do again?" and taking the mickey at being "just a blogger." But, I bloody love what I do. It's moved on more than I ever imagined in 12 months and I hope that by the time I write next years second birthday blog and I'm up to my 100th post I can still say things are going well and I love it even a little bit more. And maybe you guys will be there to share it with me? I hope so. I've updated my website a little to change things up a bit, I regularly post an equal amount of rubbish on Instagram, and am almost getting my head around the wonderful world of Twitter (hey, if you fancy clicking on any of these, why not share the anniversary love and follow me? A girl can ask!)


Oh and this old bird here with her skinny jeans on and holding a cup of coffee, desperately trying to look like a professional? That'll be me. (Spoiler - this picture took about 242 takes as I was either too squinty, too serious, too smiley or just hated the pics. This was basically the best of a bad bunch. Wonder if Cara Delevingne has these problems?)