The day we became film stars......

My son, like most six year olds, believes he can be anything. One day he's the best goal scorer since Beckham, the next he's a pro golfer, another day he'll be performing stunts that he's picked up from Ninja Warrior. A couple of weeks ago though, he (and we) managed to tick yet another aspirational role off his ever increasing list and became a film star. Yes, you read that correctly. Film star. With an actual cameraman, lights and everything. No, this wasn't a strange dream, this was part of what he likes to call "Mummy's crazy job" where we had the opportunity to become stars of our very own promotional film for the holiday company I have started working with over the last few months - Trevornick Holiday Park in Holywell Bay, Cornwall.

We discovered this park many years ago, as both my husband and I had been before we met, him as a child and me holidaying with friends. Then, whilst on our annual trip down to Cornwall last year we found it again and rediscovered all the things we loved about it.

For a start, it's situated in one of my very favourite places in the world. If you've never been to Holywell Bay, it is the kind of gorgeous beach that never fails to take my breath away. People refer to their "happy place" in life and Cornwall is definitely mine. The food, always an integral part to any holiday of mine, (crab sandwiches, pasties, cream teas, shall I go on??) and the amazing views. Watching the sunset from Trevornick is one of life's great pleasures as far as I'm concerned so when they asked me to become a brand ambassador, to say I was a bit excited was an understatement.


Can you see why I love this place yet?? 

They asked me to submit a short film back in January saying why we love going there and what it is that makes us want to return time and time again. With this came the chance to win a days filming and become the "Trevornick Family" creating a short promotional film for the brand.

Now, I'm not going to lie, I am far more comfortable behind a keyboard than I am in front of a camera but for our 60 second film to enter the competition, I had a very willing small volunteer who was happy to take ALL the limelight and told everyone in no uncertain terms how much he loved the fun park, the football, the golf, the swimming, the camping, he even mentioned how he likes to have a chill in the bar occasionally with Mummy and Daddy but I may have edited that part out... (forgive the extremely amateur attempt at creating a video by the way, everyone has to start somewhere right?!)

Fast forward to a few weeks later and I got a call to say not only did they love my little rascals first foray into being a YouTube superstar but we'd only gone and won the whole thing and were to be filmed as the "Trevornick Family" very soon!

IMG_7497 copy
IMG_7497 copy

And Action! 

Cue the panic. Cue the rascal bouncing around as if he'd won the lottery and cue my husband wondering what on earth was going on. It was one of those moments where you don't for a second think you've got a chance to win, you have no idea what to expect, it's as far out of your comfort zone as a far thing from far far away could ever be and to put it mildly, I was massively excited but completely terrified all at the same time.

Calls and emails went back and forth though between myself and the lovely PR guy, Greg, who made everything much more clear in my mind and promised the whole thing would be good fun and very relaxed.

The day of filming arrived and as I may have mentioned, I much prefer being behind the viewfinder than in front of it but when the house was set up like a little film set with camera equipment everywhere, I just found the entire thing fascinating. The finished film, which is just over a minute long took over five hours to shoot and the true stars of the show - my rascal and Lily dog loved every second of it, with Lily expecting doggie treats after pretty much every moment on camera, being the absolute diva she is.


"I'm ready for my close up" 

There were more than a few interesting outtakes - it's certainly true what they say about working with children and animals. My personal favourite being the numerous takes to ensure my husband "missed" the goal attempts by the Beckham wannabe, as the Competitive Dad Syndrome fully kicked in.


Having a little break in between takes!

And then it was all done. Off we went for a slap up meal to celebrate and waited nervously for the finished product to ping into my inbox. And, here it is! Yes, its made me realise that I am definitely better tucked safely behind a keyboard and we certainly won't be winning any Oscars anytime soon but I love the way they've edited it - particularly Lily's starring role at the end with her little Schnauzer beard flapping in the wind. This will also be excellent for looking back on fondly in years to come, I'm thinking Rascal's 18th or 21st birthdays in particular? (Evil Mummy...)

Thank you Trevornick, for turning us into the Trevornick Family and making my little man's film star dreams come true!

The finished product! 

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and ramblings are, as always, my own!