Skinny Ramblings on........Monat Haircare

I am an absolute lover of all things hair and beauty related - you name it, I get pretty damn excited when new products come on the market, so I was very excited when I was recently introduced to the latest haircare products to hit the UK market by Monat. 

Started in 2014 in the USA, followed by Canada and now the UK, Monat (Modern Nature) boasts a range of haircare products, from shampoos and conditioners, to dry shampoos, intensive masks and moisturising oils, to cover all hair types. Not only that but they promise no parabens, no sulphates, naturally based products with no harmful colours or fragrances and absolutely noanimal products, making the products vegan friendly and cruelty free. 

I was asked to trial four different products in the range - the Revive Shampoo, the Revitalize Conditioner, the Restore Leave in Conditioner and the Reshape Root Lifter. To say I was a bit excited at the prospect of all this enforced pampering and wondering exactly what they might have in store for me was an understatement. 

Being Mum to my small rascal I don't exactly have many hours in my day to spend on my hair and, admittedly, most of the time I fall very much into the category of "Mum on the run hair" which, sorry to generalise, usually means wash, pop in a ponytail and I'm good to go - and that's all on a good day. So, the first night trialling these products meant a quick wash with the shampoo and a squeeze of conditioner. It was late and was certainly a case of "you definitely won't have time to do this in the morning". 

First impressions? The packaging is lovely, looks expensive and appeals to my appreciation of good design. Closer inspection reveals products that smell SO good and on using it, a little really does go a long way. 

Next up, the styling. Keen to use this under a strict real life control situation, there was of course absolutely no time for styling and, at 11pm at night, the only option was very much my usual option of going to bed with wet hair and seeing what the morning brings. 

Now, I would loveto say that my morning routine before the school run consists of a strict skincare regime, styling my hair beautifully and donning the clothes I meticulously picked out the evening before after consulting my favourite Instagrammer's Outfit Of The Day. In reality it is, of course, a case of jumping in the shower, trowelling on a tube of concealer in a desperate bid to hide the dark under eye circles and hastily assemble an outfit from the Mum-school-run favourite activewear before brushing my hair and getting it in a ponytail whilst having a full blown attack of Parent Tourettes, shouting "Teeth!" "Shoes!" "Bag!" 

Reader, I didn't even bother with the ponytail! I was sufficiently impressed to "brush and go" - I know, pretty impressive right? And, then the shocker - I was stopped by my friend on the school run and told how nice my hair looked and what had I done to it? I probably should have come up with a better answer than "washed it and slept on it" but it made me think there must be something pretty special about this stuff?! 

I upped my game a day later - shampoo, leave in conditioner and root lifter, accompanied by an actual home blow-dry instead of leaving it slightly damp for a little too long. My usually fine, flat hair was game for a challenge of "lets see if we can boof it up a little" (Boof being my technical word I always use with my hairdresser when I want it "big", surely not just me??) 

Sure enough, though not enormous (I'm not sure what I was expecting) my hair definitely had more volume, felt a bit thicker and looked just better. I was impressed.

A week on and I'm still impressed. Yes, I did have a day where I thought "hmmm, maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be" after I was possibly (definitely) too heavy handed with the leave in conditioner and my hair was left a bit (a lot) overloaded with product and emerged as flat as a pancake but all in all I have been and continue to be really impressed with it all. I'm now looking at all the other products that are on offer and am looking forward to trying the dry shampoo, which is allegedly just brilliant and the intensive hair oil which can also double as skin care which frankly sounds like the kind of multi tasking product of dreams. 

If you'd like to try some of these amazing products, just click the link (you'll find this on whichever site brought you here!) and have a little look! You can even get styling tips, see before and after photos of people who have done just that, as well as some fab discounts if you'd like to become a VIP.

Now, if you'd excuse me, I'm off to do that swishy hair thing that they do in the adverts...

Catherine Tough