Skinny Jeans And Coffee Blog has had a makeover!

Every time I hear, say or write the word "makeover" I can't help but be reminded of those God-awful TV programmes that encouraged people to wear massive hold-you-in underwear and then a giant mirror twirls around to show just how incredible they look compared to the mess they apparently were a few hours earlier. 

Well, a few weeks ago, I decided in my wisdom to give my little old blog a spring clean and makeover of sorts as I really wasn't happy with how my website looked, the perfectionist in me was getting a bit stirred up about the state of it all and I decided I needed something fresh, clean and just downright gorgeous. 

But how to go about it? I may have done web marketing many years ago but to say I am rusty at all things techy is a slight understatement. So what to do? 

Did I a) enrol immediately on a web design course ensuring my knowledge of all things techy was absolutely tip top or did I b) scream from the rooftops begging for help from my fab friend and her tecnological website wonder-guru husband? 

I think you already know the answer to that one. With a bit (lot) of handholding and gentle guidance, a touch (again, a lot) of me sitting stressing when nothing seemed to happen for what seemed like an eternity and a frantic "don't panic Mr Mainwaring" phone call when I clicked on my website only to find precisely NO CONTENT whatsoever and fully believing that somehow, in the process of clicking a lot of buttons I had somehow clicked the wrong one and deleted over a years worth of ramblings, he got me through it. (And yes, I was exhausted reading that back too.) 

Now it's complete, I for one am pretty happy with how it's all looking and I hope, as a reader, you guys like it too! I have a nice little "contact me" box for any comments you want to make, I'd love to know what you think! And it goes without saying that if you haven't already subscribed, please click on that button as it makes me very happy to see new people following my ramblings and spurs me on to do even more. 

And fear not, there will be some actual proper content coming from next week onwards, this is totally a I've Been Too Busy Faffing With The Website And Dealing With Half Term And That's Why I've Not Got A Better Post. Normal service will resume, trust me!