Switching things up for summer!

Hurrah for the holidays! And I for one have currently, at the time of publishing this post, made it a full 3.5 days since my Rascal broke up for the summer. Not only made it, but dare I say quite enjoyed it?! But, hey, we still have another 42 days to go so really anything is possible......

Over the next 42 days we will be off on our hols, where hopefully the weather won't change and I won't have to wear the traditional summer uniform of a hastily purchased Cornish hoody, (maybe I should just actually pack one this time...) catching up with friends and family, eating ALL the good food, dipping our toes in the sea, trying new things, making those all important hashtag memories and Instagramming the heck out of it. 

Which got me thinking. This time last year, when I packed up my laptop for my summer holiday and attempted to keep up with my weekly blogs, often tearing my hair out as I'd not had time to do things the way I wanted and feeling like I just wasn't putting my best content out there, I just don't want to play it like that this year. Obviously, I still want to create content for my little blog as I've got really quite fond of this pouring-my-thoughts-out-on-a-keyboard lark for the last year and a bit, but I also want to enjoy the time I have with my family and not have to keep telling my Rascal "Mummy's just typing nonsense at the moment, bear with" whilst I try desperately to stick to my Tuesday posting regime. 

I've not really been "that" active on social media with the blog side of things, only really posting weekly on my Facebook page with a "here's a new blog, hope you like!", posting a little more regularly on Instagram because this girl loves a picture and getting totally confused on Twitter because I've just never really got into Twitter. So, I have some summer resolutions. The weekly blog will be popping up occasionally over the next six weeks but there will be a lot more regular content on social media. Some long, some short, some just a pic and a daft caption more likely than not but regular all the same. I hereby also promise to be better at Twitter and my God, I'm going to figure out Insta Stories if it's the last thing I do. (No you're such a professional.) 



Once September twirls back around I shall be back with the regular weekly blogs, full of "new term" plans and vigour, plus almost definitely being helped along the whole thing with new stationery and pens because is it just me who gets a little too excited about September and treats it as though I'm still at school and needs a new pencil case?? (Very probably I'm guessing....) I am planning new content, new ramblings and am determined to Get Organised - I am even planning a new desk space which almost definitely will involve new stuff - a coffee mug and a pen pot perhaps? (Getting a bit excited now tbf....)

In the meantime, keep an eye out on social media for my updates - I'll apologise now for the randomness that they will almost certainly involve but let's face it, this is the girl who recently posted a pic of her washing line. 



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Happy holidays coffee lovers! xxx