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Recently, I was lucky enough to be approached by the founder of Reading Chest, asking if I’d like to review their amazing product. I obviously said yes (let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise) as not only am I a massive bookworm but at long last my little Rascal is really getting into books, although just needs that extra little nudge to pique his interest.

And this is what I loved when I found out more about Reading Chest. Not only is it brilliant for reluctant readers, (the category Rascal often falls into) but also for the kids who just can’t get enough of books!


Put simply, Reading Chest is, as they brilliantly refer to it, “learning through your letterbox”.  All the books come from the reading schemes which are used in UK Primary Schools, including Oxford Reading Tree, Bug Club and many more. 


First, you choose which colour band corresponds with your child’s age or learning, select your books and they’re on your doormat before you know it. Once you’re finished, simply return them in the prepaid envelope and choose some more! Easy right? 


Now, Rascal is a 7-year-old football crazy little boy who, like many kids his age, is often a little hit and miss with picking up a book, let alone enjoying it and wanting to read more. The whole ethos of Reading Chest, with a huge choice of books on offer and the option to chop and change really appealed to me and Rascal was more than happy to get stuck in.


The whole process couldn’t be easier. First, select the reading band. The great thing with this is that even if they are in one band at school but you want something a little easier to begin with, or even something more challenging, you can change bands whenever you want. The books arrived the following day, which was impressive but it was Rascal who was the most impressed. As a 7-year-old, having post addressed to you is a Big Deal and he was so excited to open his parcel. Inside, he found (and talked me through every part!) the all important books, a fabulous drawstring bag to keep the books in, a bookmark, and, in his opinion, the best part of all, a sticker chart and stickers to track his progress. There is also a helpful guide for parents and the prepaid envelope to return the books when you’re ready. 


In the space of one weekend, Rascal has devoured the four books we received and we are already planning which ones we’d like next time. Another bonus is you can choose the subject matter – say for instance your child has a school project about Romans, just type it in the search box and add to your list – brilliant! 


There are three packages to choose from, from the occasional reader who may only want to swap books a couple of times a month to a gold package which can be swapped as many times as you like AND can be used for up to three siblings, whatever their reading level. It really is a fantastic way to encourage your child to read more, to be able to choose books you may not have seen before and, of course, to make reading fun. 


Plus, with World Book Day coming up this week, I’ve teamed up with Reading Chest to offer one of my readers the opportunity to win a bronze package, giving you up to six fantastic books per month. All you need to do is to like and share this post on whichever social media platform brought you here and a winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday 12th March 2019! Good luck! 





To find out more about Reading Chest, click here.


This post is in partnership with Reading Chest. Thanks so much to Liz for reaching out and working with me and for offering this fantastic prize!

Catherine Tough